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How common are motorcycle crashes?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycle safety is essentially, a two-way street. In other words, motorcyclists are not the only ones expected to safely drive. Washington motorists are also expected to be attentive to these two-wheeled vehicles and drive safely around them. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents are the results of the negligence of other motorists. Whether one is not paying attention to their surroundings, fails to check their mirrors and blind spots, distracted or even intoxicated, a serious, possibly fatal, collision could ensue.

How common are motorcycle crashes? Based on statistics from 2016, 4,976 motorcyclists were killed in crashes, while another 88,000 suffered injuries due to a crash. Fatalities among motorcyclist have increased roughly 3 percent from 2006. These numbers are large when one considers that motorcycles make up only 3 percent of all registered vehicles. Even more surprising, they make up only 0.7 percent of miles traveled by all vehicles.

This means that motorcycles are actually not a common vehicle on the roadways, making some motorists under the impression that they will not encounter these small vehicles while traveling on the roadways. However, this is a problem because motorcyclists can be seen on the roads year-round, making it imperative that drivers are aware of bikers. No matter what season it is, motorists should always be checking their surroundings while they drive.

Following a motorcycles crash, it is important to understand the cause and potential liability. The aftermath of a motorcycle crash can be severe and tragic, making it vial to understand the recourses available. A personal injury action could help with the recover of compensation. This could help address losses such as medical bills, pain and suffering, rehabilitation, lost wages and other damages.