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Duties owed in an auto-pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

Getting around by foot is not uncommon in Seattle and other cities across the nation. Walking to and from places helps cut down on traffic. However, it does not mean traffic is not around pedestrians. Although all forms of transportation can exist in a busy city, it does not mean there are not any issues present. When a driver fails to uphold their duties to drive safe and remain attentive, a collision could occur. Some of the worst automotive accidents involve pedestrians, resulting in severe injuries and even deaths.

Both pedestrians and motorists have certain duties when they travel. When accidents involving pedestrians occur, one tends to think about the duties owed by the motorist. But, pedestrians owe a duty to others to avoid collisions. In other words, they are expected to obey traffic laws and also reasonably observe traffic conditions.

While pedestrian accident could be the result of a pedestrian failing to uphold their duty to be safe, many motorist cause these type of collisions because they were not attentive, reckless or even intoxicated. Thus, it is important to determine the cause. Even when a pedestrian is partially at fault, it is still possible to recover damages for the harms suffered.

Through a personal injury action, it is possible for an injured pedestrian to recover damages for past and future medical expenses. In addition to physical harms, one could also recover for past and future wage losses, pain and suffering, loss of companionship and even punitive damages. Because compensation is possible, it is important that victims understand what steps one should take to prove liability and recover damages.