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What types of injuries could result in a car crash?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2018 | Car Accidents |

What is even more astounding then the number of personal vehicles on the roadways in Seattle and other cities across the nation are the number of crashes occurring on a daily and yearly basis. In fact, nearly 6 million car accidents occur in just the Unites States. The effect these accidents can have can range greatly. However, in many cases, an accident victim will experience physical and emotional harm from the accident.

What types of injuries could result in a car crash? To begin, the most severe injury one could suffer is a brain injury. This is often experienced after a blow to the head. In some cases, a brain injury may seem to be minor or nothing at all.

But just because a victim is not showing symptoms of a brain injury immediately following an accident, it does not mean that he or she has not suffered such an injury. A brain injury could affect the cognitive abilities of a victim, as well as other functions of the brain.

Other serious car accident injuries include injuries to the neck and back. Much like a brain injury, a back or neck injury could affect a person’s ability to function. It could be severe enough to cause a temporary or permanent disability. Such an injury is likely to require intensive and ongoing medical treatment.

Car accident injuries are often serious. Even if they are recoverable injuries, an accident victim will likely have to undergo much medical treatment and even surgery before he or she can return to their normal life. As such, one is likely to also experience financial hardships as medical bills pile up and lost wages continue. Therefore, it is important to consider a personal injury action in cases where a negligent party is liable for the accident and the injuries suffered in it.