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Understanding how weather effects road conditions

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Residents in Washington State likely see a wide range of weather throughout the year. While Seattle is well known for rain, motorists in the city and throughout the state experience different road conditions based on the time of year and the weather. Thus, it is important that travelers understand how weather impacts the road conditions and how it could contribute and even cause an automobile accident.

When it rains, motorist likely turn on their wipers and lights on to help with visibility. However, depending n other conditions, the impact could be much greater than having to put windshield wipers on a slow speed. If the rain is hard enough and the wind is strong, this could impact the distance of visibility. It could also cause issues with pavement friction and lane obstruction. Thus, it is likely that a driver will need to slow down so they can see the lanes and avoid hydroplaning.

Snow is a huge road impact, as it can cause issues with visibility, friction on the pavement and obstruction the lanes. Icy conditions make it difficult to travel safely, making it imperative that drivers slow down, remain in their lane and avoid losing control of their vehicle. Even when the roads are treated with salt and sand, drivers should always drive with caution when it is snowing and when there is snow on the roadways.

Other forms of weather that can impact road conditions include wind speed, fog, water level and pavement temperature. The wind could bring up debris or snow, causing visibility issues. The water level can make it challenging to maintain control of a vehicle at a certain speed. The pavement temperature could cause damage to the roads or create icy conditions on bridges and overpasses.

When a driver does not consider how weather impacts road conditions and fails to drive safely based on the weather, this could be considered a form of negligence. This is especially true in the event of a car accident. In these matters, a victim of an accident could file a personal injury action, helping them hold a driver accountable for the injuries and damages suffered, while also assisting with the recovery of compensation.