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Three injured in DUI accident

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Car Accidents |

We live in a society where many individuals rely on motor vehicles to get around. For the most part, motorists realize when it is safe and unsafe to get behind the wheel of a vehicle; however, some may not view this as feasible. While it is tremendously dangers, some drivers will operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. This presents many dangers to him or herself as well as others traveling on the roadway. In the event of a car accident caused by a drunk driver, it is possible to hold that driver accountable for the incident.

According to recent reports, a suspected drunk driving accident in Spokane County wrecked two vehicles and sent three individuals to the hospital. Based on preliminary investigation, the suspected drunk driver was traveling west on Westwood Avenue at Highway 2. He then attempted to make a left-hand turn onto the highway, crossing the northbound traffic.

The driver crossed in front of another vehicle carrying two occupants, resulting in a collision between the two vehicles. This crash occurred around 9 p.m., and all three individuals involved in the crash were transported to the hospital for medical treatment. It is unclear what evidence authorities obtained during their initial investigation; however, it was reported that the driver making a left-hand turn was charged with driving under the influence and the failure to yield.

Following any type of motor vehicle accident, it is vital to explore the potential causes. This means understanding whether traffic violations were made and whether the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Considering these possibilities could help prove liability, helping those harmed by the crash recover compensation through a personal injury action.