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What are delayed car accident injuries?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Automobile collisions can be serious. While we hope to never be involved in one, they can cause major impacts to one’s life, even when a minor fender-bender occurs. Minor or major, accident injuries could be present, resulting in an accident victim to suffer tremendously. These injuries no only impact the victim physically, mentally and emotionally; it can also hit them hard financially. Thus, it is important to consider what financial recovery options are available to accident victims.

When individuals are involved in a car crash, one often thinks about the immediately visible injuries. This typically includes bruises, lacerations, broken bones and other similar injuries. However, there are some injuries that do not show right away. This can cause a victim of a car crash to walk away thinking they were unscathed. But this can all change a few hours or a few days after the initial accident.

What are delayed car accident injuries? These are injuries that are not immediately apparent following an automobile collision. In some cases, moderate to severe injuries to not show signs or symptoms immediately, causing a victim to suffer from these injuries several days later.

Common symptoms that could present themselves several days following a car accident include headaches, neck or shoulder pain or stiffness, back pain, abdominal pain or swelling, numbness in limbs, changes in personality or physical functions and PTSD. These symptoms could indicate a victim has suffered a serious injury to the brain, had, back or internal organs. It could also mean a victim has suffered emotional distress as well.

Car accidents do not all look the same. Some are large, destructive and severe and others are small minor and without injuries. No matter what an accident looks like, it is important that victims consider not only the injuries they immediately suffered but also injuries that presented themselves down the line. A personal injury action could help address these harms by recovering compensation.