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Private versus government owned buses in a bus crash

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2018 | Bus Accidents |

When traveling on a city bus, individuals in Seattle and other cities across the nation think of the convenience that this mode of transportation offers. For the most part, public bus systems offer safe and reliable transportation. However, like other motor vehicles, buses can be involved in crashes. When a bus accident occurs, passengers could suffer much hardship, as the injuries involved in the collisions could be severe and traumatic.

Buses are not only massive in size but they also carry numerous passengers. Thus, when bus accidents do occur, they can result in serious injuries, death and significant property damage. This aftermath can be tragic, causing victims to endure much hardship. It can also cause victim to seek legal recourses. But, this step is much different than filing a personal injury action following other motor vehicle accidents.

Bus accident can be a unique matter because many are owned by state or local government entities. In these cases, sovereign immunity may apply. This creates either an accelerated or specific requirements when filing a claim. This also caps the amount of damages that can be collected.

On the other hand, if the bus was owned by a private entity, the procedural process is similar to other personal injury actions filed after an automobile collision. This means that the rules and procedures in a negligence case apply in this matter.

Certain details of a bus accident can determine a victim’s ability to seek compensation. Even if such an action is allowed, a victim’s ability to collect damages can be capped. Victims of a bus accident should take the time to fully understand their situation and how best to move forward.