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Taking action following a pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

Walking from your vehicle to your office building, from a store to your parked car, in a residential area or on city streets. These are all times when a person is considered a pedestrian. One could be walking in a parking lot, on a sidewalk or in a crossing walk. However, risks of being involved in an auto-pedestrian accident remain. If a motorist is not paying attention, is reckless or intoxicated, a pedestrian could be struck by a vehicle, resulting in serious and even fatal injuries.

There are many reasons why pedestrian accidents occur in Seattle and other cities across the nation. However, the most common is when a motorist is making a right hand turn while at a red light. During this time, the walking sign is likely illuminated, signaling pedestrians to walk. Although pedestrians have the right of way, a motorist may not be attentive to this when making a turn. This can unfortunately lead to serious pedestrian accidents.

At the Law Offices of Matthew D. Dubin, our legal team understands how devastating a pedestrian accident can be. A person cannot withstand the size and weight of a vehicle, even when traveling at slower speeds. The force of the collision could send a person to be hurled or even pinned between a vehicle and another object. The injuries that follow such a crash can be severe, causing harm to the head, neck, back, limbs and even internal organs.

The damages that befall a victim of a pedestrian crash can be tremendous. Thus, our law firm is dedicated to helping those harmed in pedestrian accidents in the Seattle area. Our goal is to help our clients understand that they have options and possible legal recourses. This means uncovering evidence to help prove liability and damages suffered. This can ultimately help hold a negligent driver accountable and result in a monetary award.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s auto-pedestrian accidents website. A crash between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian can happen suddenly. One is never prepared to deal with such a collision, making it important that victims take the time to explore their rights and options.