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What happens in a hit-and-run pedestrian accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2018 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

In Seattle and other major cities across the nation, individuals seek to get around by foot. This is an efficient and healthy way to get around. However, it is often the only way individuals can get from point A to point B. Oftentimes, motorists are aware of pedestrians traveling on sidewalks and in crosswalks. However, when motorists fail to take note of these individuals, a pedestrian collision could occur. Following any type of accident, it is important to stop to assess the situation. Unfortunately, not all motorists do this, leaving some victims in a difficult position.

What happens in a hit-and-run pedestrian accident? To begin, it must be understood when a motorist is required to stop following a crash. If the accident caused damage to property, caused injuries to others or resulted in death, a driver is required to remain at the scene of an accident. This not only helps with the investigation process but also helps with any civil or criminal liabilities that could follow.

Following an injury causing accident, such as one involving a pedestrian, typically entails the legal duty to take certain steps. To begin, the driver should take steps to help any injured victims. This includes calling emergency crews for assistance. Additionally, this also includes the duty to report the accident.

Leaving the scene of an accident could expose a motorist to certain penalties. This could amount to something minor like a traffic violation. However, it could be something bigger, especially if someone was seriously injured or killed in the crash. It is possible for a motorist to be charged with a felony hit-and-run, which carries with it harsh penalties.

On top of criminal penalties, civil liabilities could result. When investigation reveals the cause and liability for the crash, a victim could hold the driver accountable through a personal injury action. This legal claim could also help with the recovery of compensation, helping to address losses and damages arising from the incident.