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Protecting your rights following a bus crash

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Bus Accidents |

Living in a major city has many perks. One of these is the ability to use public transportation. Whether it is a taxi, bus or train, this can provide easy and affordable ways for residents in Seattle to get around. While these are fairly reliable and safe modes of transportation, city buses are prone to risks and errors.

Operation errors could occur when a negligent bus driver is behind the wheel. Mechanical errors could happen when the bus is not properly maintained. And a serious bus accident could ensue when other motorists are negligent and collide with this massive vehicle. When bus accidents happen, many people are put at risk. These vehicles can transport a large number of passengers and, when a bus crash occurs, those riding on the bus could suffer serious and even fatal injuries.

At the Law offices of Matthew D. Dubin, our experienced legal team understands the tragedy that could follow a public transportation accident. We recognize that several parties could be at fault in these incidents, and we are devoted to our clients, advocating for their rights and recourses.

Although these matters can develop into complex cases with many working parts, our law firm has years of experience handling these matters and obtaining favorable results for our clients. We understand what steps to take to uncover any and all necessary evidence. By conducting investigations, talking with witnesses and consulting with experts, we not only obtain a clear picture of the accident but we also have the evidence necessary to prove fault.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s bus accident website. No one expects to be injured during their daily commute on a bus or other form of public transportation. Unfortunately, these incidents could happen suddenly, causing victims to suffer tremendously. Taking action after such an accident could help injured victims recover what they are rightfully entitled to.