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Wildfire smoke choking Washington communities

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2017 | Personal Injury |

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From Bellingham to Vancouver, in Seattle and Everett, and even as far east as Spokane, Washington’s air quality is currently the worst in the United States. We are literally being choked by the smoke from Canadian wildfires. The air quality is so bad that it’s not just sensitive groups who are affected. Everyone is suffering adverse effects from the thick layer of smoke covering our state.

Health departments are urging people to stay inside if you can see and feel the smoke. This is certainly not the time to run a 10k or even to mow the lawn. The best way to avoid adverse effects of the smoke is to stay inside a climate controlled environment.

And if you are especially vulnerable, such as the very old, the very young, and people with respiratory conditions, please take every possible precaution. Air quality this bad can kill.