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WA motorcyclist clings to car after collision with motor vehicle

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

A Washington motorcyclist made national news after a terrifying run-in with an alleged intoxicated driver last week. Even more astounding, the incident was caught on tape and the motorcyclist escaped with his life, suffering only minor injuries. It isn’t unusual for a crash of that magnitude to render an innocent motorcyclist seriously injured. The accident is currently under investigation by Washington State patrol.

Many motorcyclists have opted to wear cameras while on their bikes. Whether wearing the cameras for fun, or as a way to document dangerous drivers or negligent behaviors, cameras are a fairly inexpensive and easy way to record what happens on your bike. The footage the victim captured in this instance shows the motorcyclist being thrown from the bike after hitting the rear of the other vehicle, and landing on the back of the car. Instead of slowing down, incredibly, the driver of the vehicle speeds up while the motorcyclist hangs onto the back of the vehicle for dear life. The motorcyclist in this case claims the car had no brake lights.

According to the Washington State patrol, the driver was intoxicated during the motorcycle accident, and had no driver’s license or insurance. Many car insurance policies cover loss or injuries due to an uninsured driver. Seeking adequate damages from one’s insurance company is a legitimate claim. The motorcyclist was lucky to escape with his life, although minor injuries and the loss of his motorcycle is never desirable.

Permanent disability could easily result to a motorcyclist after a motor-vehicle accident. However, even minor injuries can leave an injured motorcyclist with significant medical bills and an inability to return to work in the short- or long-term. These are considerations to keep in mind after one has been the victim in a motorcycle accident. Body cams can help to prove when and if other drivers are negligent for motorcyclist injuries.

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