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Seattle pedestrian struck by vehicle listed in critical condition

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2017 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

Urban areas are notorious for being jam-packed with people and for being abuzz with activity. Downtown Seattle is no exception. The city is always busy with people moving to-and-fro. While this is normally a positive thing, it can lead to collisions between pedestrians and motor-vehicles. Such a thing happened recently in downtown Seattle, and it has left the pedestrian listed in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center.

Based on the preliminary police investigation, it was reported that the pedestrian was struck at the intersection of 1st Avenue and Columbia Street. There were actually three vehicles that played a role in the pedestrian accident that day. According to reports, a truck was traveling southbound on 1st Avenue when it crashed into another vehicle that then ran into the back of the vehicle that struck the pedestrian. Impairment is not suspected to be a factor in this terrible accident.

If it is found that the pick-up truck carries the majority of the fault for the injuries that the pedestrian sustained, the driver could face a personal suit for negligence. It’s possible, due to the severity of the pedestrian’s injuries, that criminal charges could come into play as well, since the force of the crash caused the chain-reaction that were so devastating. It isn’t clear if any other drivers or passengers involved in the crash were injured. Certainly the pedestrian took the worst of it.

There is always the possibility that a pedestrian can be injured by a motor-vehicle while crossing the street. A full investigation will likely be conducted by police in order to determine the people or factors that led to the pedestrian’s injuries. The victim and his or her family will certainly be interested to know the conclusions drawn by the police’s investigation. In the meantime, the victim and the family will be focusing on improving the injured pedestrian’s health.

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