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Manufacturing defects can cause motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

The news is full of car and motorcycle accidents. Many Washingtonians may attribute these accidents to user error. Perhaps a driver was going too fast, or driving under the influence. Perhaps visibility was poor, or a motorcycle had the bad luck of being in a blind spot when a car decided to change lanes.

But motorcycle accidents happen for a variety of reasons, user error being just one. Another problem goes much deeper: product defects that make a motorcycle fundamentally unsafe. These defects can be hard to notice until it is too late, that is, until someone is lying on the pavement bleeding or dead.

Once the defect turns into a trend, the manufacturer may voluntarily recall the motorcycle. If it does not, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) may intervene by forcing a recall. Or the NHTSA may simply amplify the recall by publicizing it.

Once a recall begins, the manufacturer will send out a public report. The report should describe the defect, the affected vehicles and some key history relating to the recall. The report should also provide a fix and set out a recall schedule. Washingtonians who take advantage of the recall can expect the manufacturer to remedy the fix for free.

But not everyone is so lucky. Some people will discover the defect the hard way. These Washingtonians (or their loved ones) may benefit from speaking with an experienced motorcycle- accident attorney about their options, including bringing a lawsuit. Such a suit can be an important way to hold the manufacturer responsible while securing monetary compensation to get through a troubled time.