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Bus crash fatality total now stands at 6

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2016 | Bus Accidents |

When Washingtonians wave goodbye and watch as their kids head to the bus stop, they are entrusting their children to the bus, the bus driver, and the bus company that oversees both. When that trust is broken, the results can be tragic, as seen by a recent school bus accident getting nationwide press.

On the fateful day of the accident, the bus driver collected 37 children bound for home after a day at school. On the way home, the driver allegedly veered off his designated route and onto a curvy road. While navigating these curves, the bus was allegedly speeding. In the process, the driver reportedly lost control of the bus, sending it slamming it into a tree.

Thus far, six children have died from the collision.

For now, it is not clear why the driver left his designated route or exceeded the posted speed limit. But some factors have been ruled out, namely drugs and alcohol. The driver had no signs of either in his system at the time of the accident.

But while the reasons for the accident remain open, one thing is clear: the families of the children on the bus, have suffered serious damages. Those injuries include not only the physical harm already discussed but also the ensuing medical bills, pain and suffering and more.

Like the families in this case, Washingtonians who find themselves in similar circumstances have legal options, including filing a personal-injury suit against the driver, the bus company and potentially even the school district. Pursuing such an action can be an essential way of not only holding the responsible party accountable but also obtaining the compensation they need and deserve to get through a tragic time. Washingtonians who find themselves in such a situation may benefit from discussing their circumstances with an experienced bus-accident attorney.

Source: The Seattle Times, “Drugs, alcohol not involved in bus crash; 6th child dies,” Nov. 23, 2016