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What kinds of harm can be claimed in a car-accident lawsuit?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Does-every-accident-increase-car-insurance-rates1.jpgNo one likes to think that they will be in a car crash. But accidents happen every day throughout Washington state. For motorists unlucky enough to be part of these accidents, an important question quickly emerges: What types of damage can they get compensated for following a car accident? For the answer, keep reading.

The biggest one is often medical expenses. A person hurt in an accident can seek to have the person at fault, or their insurance company, pay for a variety of expenses from the cost of the ambulance to the price of crutches to the bill for therapy – among other medical expenses.

A second form of damages is pain and suffering. This form of damage is as its name suggests, the mental and physical distress flowing from the accident. The more serious and painful the injury, the bigger the compensation the responsible party will have to pay.

A third form of damages is lost wages. This form of damages applies when the car-accident injuries cause the person to miss work or otherwise reduce a person’s earning power. Common examples are for time away from work for doctor’s visits and therapy sessions or reduced mobility that leads to lesser job performance and, by extension, lower pay checks.

A fourth form of damages is loss of affection or companionship. This lesser known form of damages aims to compensate people for reduced ability to show affection, including diminished ability to have sex. Unlike the previous three forms of damage, the uninjured spouse is the person who would claim the damage.

To learn more about how they might be compensated after a car accident, car accident victims may benefit from speaking with an experienced personal-injury attorney.

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