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Car crash closes Ballard Bridge, critically injuries three

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2016 | Car Accidents |

For Washingtonians, few things are more commonplace than getting in a car, whether to go to work, to the store or to see a friend. And yet getting in a car is also one of the most dangerous things that a person will do each day. Consider a recent car accident.

The incident happened on Ballard Bridge on a rainy weekend night. Details are sparse for now, but the crash involved a collision between two cars carrying a total of five people. All five people were sent to the Harborview Medical Center for treatment. Two people were in stable condition, three were in critical condition. The aftermath of the collision left the Ballard Bridge closed for around 10 hours.

While many details have yet to emerge, one thing is likely: the repercussions of the accident have just begun. The current focus is on treatment. But paying for that treatment (not to mention lost wages and other expenses) will soon become an important consideration.

One way for the injured individuals to get help covering the cost of that treatment is to consider filing a car-accident lawsuit. Doing so can enable people to receive the compensation that they need and deserve to help pay for the cost of their medical bills. It can also hold the responsible party accountable, whether that is the other driver, the city or someone else.

Washingtonians who have recently gone through a car accident may want to consider discussing their options with an experienced personal-injury attorney. Exploring those options may be the first step towards putting a bad situation in the rear-view mirrors.

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