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Protecting the rights of motorcycle accident victims

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

For an inattentive driver, it is easy to overlook a motorcyclist; however, this is a dangerous situation for motorcyclists and motorists on roadways in Seattle and elsewhere. A negligent driver who fails to check their surroundings before changing lanes, slowing down or making a turn could collide with an oncoming motorcyclist or a motorcyclist traveling in their blind spot. A motorcycle crash is unlike other automobile collisions. Motorcyclists do not have the same type of protection most motorists enjoy in other vehicles. A lack of a hard exterior shell and interior safety features often makes motorcycle accidents very serious and even fatal.

At the Law offices of Matthew D. Dubin, we understand the tragic aftermath that could follow a motorcycle collision. Our law firm is dedicated to helping victims and their loved ones seek justice following a motorcycle crash. In order to pursue a civil action following a motorcycle crash, the cause of the crash needs to be determined. Our experienced legal team has the skills and resources to get to the bottom of who was at fault.

Motorcycle crashes could occur for various reasons, but often times, the negligence of another motorist leads to the severe collision with a motorcyclist. If a driver is inattentive and rear-ends a motorcyclist because they were on their phone, fails to leave sufficient room when following a motorcyclist or changing lanes, cuts off a motorcyclist when turning left or running or runs a motorcyclist into a ditch or onto a gravel should off of the road, he or she could be held liable for the resulting accident.

While motorcycle safety relies on a motorcyclist to operate their motorcycles in a safe and legal manner, it also includes motorists using extra precaution when traveling around motorcyclists. This means checking blind spots twice before changing lanes, checking for oncoming motorcycles and traveling a safe distance from motorcyclists they are sharing the road with. If a motorist fails to uphold their duty to drive safely, he or she could be held accountable for the resulting accident. Our attorneys strive to uncover the information and evidence necessary to hold a negligent driver responsible for their wrongdoings.

To learn more, visit our motorcycle accident website. Much pain and suffering often follows a motorcycle crash; therefore, victims and their loved ones should understand ways to address the damages and losses incurred by the incident. This not only protects the right of the victim but could help them collect compensation, offsetting the financial burdens caused by the crash.