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Investigation in Seattle bus accident case continues

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2016 | Bus Accidents |

When people are injured in a bus accident, they may have legal rights. One such right may be filing a civil personal injury suit against any negligent party. Recently, investigations related to a civil suit stemming from a fatal bus accident have intensified in Seattle.

According to reports, last September five people were killed and 60 people were injured when an amphibious vehicle collided with a bus. The bus was carrying college students at the time. Since the accident, many civil suits have been filed against those involved in the accident. In particular, victims are investigating whether or not the amphibious vehicles used on the roadway were safe and in good repair.

As a part of the suits, attorneys for the crash victims are investigating these vehicles. Recently, the vehicles’ mechanical shop was open to 30 attorneys so that the discovery process could continue. This is one step in a long process to ensure that victims can exercise their legal rights.

When individuals in Seattle are involved in a bus accident, they should understand their legal rights. These rights may include filing legal suits against negligent parties.

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