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On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Reader-Views-Reviewers_Choice_Award-gold-width_900px.pngWhen I started writing my book, “Maximizing Your Injury Claim,” I simply wanted to get important information about auto insurance and the injury claims process to more people. I was so frustrated by injured people coming into my office who had no idea of their rights and how the insurance companies were taking advantage of their uncertainty.

As I wrote the book, I began to remember and share stories about important events in my life and things I’ve learned from my clients over the past twenty years, that have shaped my approach to injury claims, and my commitment to developing meaningful relationships with my clients.

Along the way, my book became more than a simple guide to injury claims. It became an interesting and compelling story about what can happen when you don’t know your rights and take specific steps to protect them. I began to receive praise from readers, both in person and on Amazon and other review sites. The book began to sell on Amazon, iBooks, and other retailers, and the word began to get out.

Recently I was honored to receive the first prize from Reader Views in their 2015-2016 literary awards in the Self Help category. In order to win this award, my book needed to receive a high enough score from its initial review to be one of three finalists. From there, a jury of judges ranked the finalists in order. These judges said Maximizing Your Injury Claim is the best Self-Help book of 2015-2016.

I am proud to have produced an award-winning book about personal injury law and about how people can protect themselves and their families both before and after an injury-producing accident. I am even more proud to be arming ordinary people with information and knowledge about their rights. When it comes to injury claims, knowledge is power. The insurance industry does not want you to know your rights, but I will continue the struggle to make sure that every person has the ammunition to take on the insurance companies, with or without an attorney.

If you have any questions, check out my award-winning book, browse my website, or just give me a call. We’d love to hear from you.