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What is a motorcycle license endorsement?

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

As the weather warms up this spring, many Washington residents will ride motorcycles. For some, motorcyclists this may be a fun recreational activity. For others, motorcycle use may be their main form of transportation. In either case, individuals need to understand what is required of them to legally ride a motorcycle in the state of Washington.

In order to legally drive a motorcycle in Washington, individuals must have a motorcycle license endorsement. According to the Washington State Department of Licensing, there are two ways in order to get a 2-wheeled motorcycle endorsement.

First, individuals can attend in approved motorcycle training school and complete a motorcycle safety course. This motorcycle safety course must include writing skills test and knowledge tests that show a person can safely ride on a motorcycle. Once an individual passes this class, they can bring the course completion card to a drivers’ office location in the state to receive a motorcycle endorsement. This must be done within 180 days of passing the course.

Second, individuals can try to pass the knowledge and riding tests with the state. A person can go to a motorcycle training school and asked to take a knowledge test. If the individual passes the knowledge test, then the person can get instruction permit pass. After this, an individual can take the riding tests. Once the individual passes the riding test, then the person can bring the passing sheet to an office within 180 days to receive the motorcycle endorsement.

Receiving a motorcycle endorsement is just one way to help ensure that motorcyclists are safe on Washington roadways. However, motorcyclists cannot be 100 percent responsible for their own safety. Often other drivers are responsible for causing serious motorcycle accidents. Negligent drivers often fail the notice motorcyclists on the roadways. When this happens, people can suffer serious injuries. In these cases, an attorney can give injured motorcyclists specific legal advice on how to move forward from the accident.