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When is bus accident reporting mandatory?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2016 | Bus Accidents |

Washington state residents get around the state in many different ways. While many individuals rely on personal motor vehicles to travel within the state, other individuals rely on public transportation. Of the many public transportation options, buses are common.

It is not uncommon for these large busses to be involved in a bus accident. While individuals like to think that public transportation is safe, there are many instances where negligent behavior can cause an accident. It is important for individuals to understand when these accidents need to be reported. When accidents are reported, individuals can get a better picture of whether a bus company is safe to use.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, reporting a bus crash is mandatory in a few situations. The report is necessary when a transportation vehicle seats nine or more people including the bus driver and involves one of the following three situations.

First, if the bus crash involved a fatality. If someone is killed in the accident in any vehicle, a report must be made. This includes if someone dies up to 30 days following the accident as a result of an injury suffered in the accident.

Second, if the accident resulted in an injury severe enough for the person to immediately receive medical treatment away from the accident site.

Or, third, if the bus accident was severe enough to disable any vehicle involved in the accident. For example, if a vehicle must be towed away from the accident site, then the bus crash must be reported to the FMCSA.

There are many rules involving the charter buses that run in Washington state and across the country. It is important for individuals who have been hurt in a bus accident to understand their legal rights and these rules. An attorney can help to give specific legal advice to crash victims.