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Two more students file actions following Seattle bus crash

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Bus Accidents |

Washington state residents of all ages rely might rely on buses as a mode of transportation. Whether it is a student riding a bus to school, an individual that relies on a city bus as their primary means for transportation or a passenger on a coach bus for a guided tour or trip, buses are able to carry a large amount of passengers at one time. While this is a beneficial feature of these vehicles, it is also means that numerous people are put at risk of an injury if a bus accident were to occur.

According to recent reports, two additional lawsuits have been filed against the tourism company “Ride the Ducks,” regarding a deadly crash that occurred in Seattle back in September. The collision involved a motor coach bus filled with college students and a Ducks boat filled with passengers.

Reports indicate that the serious bus accident occurred on the Aurora Avenue Bridge when the Ducks boat crossed the centerline or the road. This resulted in the Ducks boat colliding with the bus head on. As a result, five were killed and 64 were injured. Recently two students injured in the crash filed lawsuits against “Ride the Ducks” tourism company.

The personal injury claims purport that the Ducks boat should never have been on the Aurora Avenue Bridge in the first place because of its posted speed limit, the narrow lane configuration and the lack of a center median. The suit also claims that the company failed to obtain the necessary repairs on the Ducks boat involved in the crash. Because both students suffered server injuries, both are seek compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, future medical expenses, delay in education, lost wages and other related damages.

Following a bus accident, it is important to understand how the crash occurred and what party or parties were at fault in the collision. While a negligent driver could have been the cause, other parties might also be liable. For this reason, it is imperative to consider all possible causes when filing an action after such a crash.

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