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Are there different types of head injuries?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Many people across the state of Washington enjoy riding motorcycles. While motorcycles are an enjoyable form of transportation, they come with multiple risks. People who ride on motorcycles are at risk for being involved in a motorcycle accident. A motorcycle accident can result in serious injuries to its victims. In particular, people are at risk for head injuries. Since motorcycles provide very little protection, sometimes nothing more than a helmet protects the person’s brain during an accident.

Therefore, people who ride on motorcycles should be aware of the risk of head injuries. Head injuries are serious and often life-threatening. There are many types of head injuries of which Washington residents should be aware.

The first type of head injury is a concussion. A concussion occurs when a person’s brain bounces off of their skull. Any impact to a person’s body can create enough force to jar the brain. It is not necessary for a person to lose consciousness in order to suffer from a concussion. Concussions can range from minor to very serious.

Another type of head injury is a contusion. A contusion is a bruise on a person’s brain. A contusion can cause a variety of problems including swelling, bleeding on the brain and other issues. People can also suffer from skull fractures. These fractures can be dangerous if pieces of the bone cut into the brain or cause other serious bleeding in the brain.

People who have head injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident should know their legal rights. Head injuries often take time and money to heal. If a negligent driver caused the motorcycle accident, victims may be entitled to compensation. An attorney can help provide specific legal advice for individuals in this situation.