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Backup car accidents in Seattle may require legal action

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Seattle residents may be aware of the dangers associated with backup car accidents. These accidents occur when drivers are backing up without carefully looking to ensure that no one is behind them. In these cases, a large number of people can be injured. Victims can include other motorists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. Often, children are victims of backup accidents. They are difficult to see since they are smaller, but these accidents are often avoidable if drivers are careful.

Backup accidents can result in a number of different injuries for the victims. These injuries can leave people with temporary and permanent disabilities. Children, in particular, can suffer lifelong damage as a result of these car accidents.

Drivers who are careful can often avoid these accidents. Negligent drivers, on the other hand, can easily cause these accidents when they’re not careful.

When these accidents occur, victims need to understand how to respond. With the help of an attorney, people can aggressively protect their legal rights and pursue the compensation they need following the accident. An attorney can help to look at the facts to determine whether or not the driver was negligent in causing the accident.

An attorney can also help victims deal with their insurance company following an accident. Insurance companies can be aggressive in trying to get an accident victims to settle the case quickly. Often they will present offers that sound reasonable but are far less than a person deserves.

Our law firm can help victims navigate the personal injury lawsuit process. We can help people understand their rights and how to exercise them. Our skilled attorneys can also negotiate with insurance companies so that people get appropriate offers. For more information about backup car accidents, please see our website.