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Understand your options when a school bus accident occurs

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2015 | Bus Accidents |

school-bus.jpgFor most Seattle children the school year is in full swing. Each morning children across the city leave their homes to board a school bus. While on these buses, the children and their parents trust that the driver is acting as safely as possible to get them to school in one piece. For most people, a school bus is nothing more than a mode of transportation, but this bus has a great responsibility in our city. Children are some of our most precious assets and needed to be treated with the highest care.

Unfortunately, some school bus drivers fail to take this responsibility as seriously as they should. Many engage in negligent behaviors that can endanger children as they ride to and from school. For example, some may fail to stop at railroad crossings, while others may drive too fast for weather conditions. In some situations, school buses may be overcrowded or the buses may not be properly maintained. The driver may be unqualified or may be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Any of these situations are extremely serious and can lead to a school bus accident. The school bus accident can result in serious injuries to anyone on board the bus. Small children can be left with serious and long-lasting effects as a result of injuries suffered in a bus accident. When this occurs, the parents and guardians of these children need to know how to respond.

In personal injury suit, parents can seek to hold negligent bus drivers accountable. Additionally, parents may be able to seek to hold the school district responsible as well for injuries a child has suffered.

Is not always easy to determine whether or not a school bus driver was acting negligently when a bus accident occurred. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Matthew D. Dubin understand the mechanics of school bus accidents. While families focus on healing, our dedicated attorneys can focus on helping them pursue the compensation they need to move forward from an accident. We can review documents, file court cases, review medical evidence and take all necessary steps to move the case to completion.

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