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Don’t let a drunk driver ruin your life

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2015 | Car Accidents |


When people are on Washington roadways, they don’t expect to get hit by a negligent driver. In most cases, people are going to make it to their destination safely. But, when the unexpected happens, it can leave a wake of destruction in its path. People can, in an instant, face serious physical, emotional and financial difficulties because of a car accident.

When an accident is caused by a drunk driver, the emotional trauma can be severe. People may wonder why such an accident occurred to them and how they will ever move forward. This can affect a person’s mood, relationships and ability to sleep. Car accident victims often face a variety of physical challenges and may need to seek medical treatment over the course of months or years.

Drunk drivers often don’t think about these consequences when they choose to get behind the wheel of a car. They only think about themselves. Car accident victims, thankfully, have legal recourse that they can take following a drunk driving accident. With the right help, people can get the compensation they need following a serious car accident. This compensation can help people pay for medical treatment, compensate them for their pain and suffering and make up for any lost wages.

To obtain this compensation, the help of a skilled attorney is often necessary. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Matthew D. Dubin have the experience necessary to help these car accident victims hold drunk drivers accountable. Our firm understands the possible sources of compensation and the evidence needed to prove that a party was negligent. Our firm also has the capacity to effectively negotiate with insurance companies and other parties as necessary.

Please see our drunk driving webpage for more information about how our firm can help those injured by a drunk driver.