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Two killed in Washington accident when car crosses center line

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2015 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Life is unpredictable and unfortunately, fatal automobile accidents can occur almost randomly. Even in the most commonplace of activities, life can end. When this occurs, the victim’s family is left to deal with the emotional trauma and the financial damage.

Recently a fatal car accident took place on Washington State Route 14. The accident involved two passenger vehicles. According to news reports, one car was traveling east when it was hit by a pickup truck that had crossed the center line to pass a hay truck that was attempting a turn. In the head-on collision, two people – rear passengers in the eastbound car – were killed.

Police are continuing to investigate the accident. However, all parties appear to have been wearing their seat belts and alcohol was apparently not a factor.

Immediately following an accident, the financial impact of a person’s death is likely far from family members’ minds. Instead, people are trying to pick up the pieces and deal with the huge emotional void created by the loss of their loved one.

However, ignoring the financial loss won’t be possible for long. A fatal car accident can result in huge financial loss for a family. The family may have depended on the victim’s income for support. There are also funeral costs and medical expenses to consider.

In these situations, a wrongful death suit can help to cover these expenses. Additionally, there may be damages for pain and suffering or loss of companionship. A wrongful death suit can give people the financial peace of mind to focus on their emotional healing.

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