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In writing and distributing my new book “Maximizing Your Injury Claim,” I have met other attorneys who share my passion for educating people regarding their rights and the possible legal pitfalls they could face.

One such attorney is Kristi Hood, who has written the book “Probate Pirates,” containing information you need to know about probate court. Reading this book will help you prepare your estate and guard against fraud in the probate system.

Here’s what Kristi writes about her book:

Find out what your lawyer won’t tell you about probate court. A must-read for anyone planning to get old. Take a look inside the biggest organized crime currently being perpetrated on Americans. Find out why probate court is not about protecting the elderly, but why It’s a machine designed to systematically fleece old people of their money and humanity. Probate piracy is a growth industry, a ridiculously easy crime with an almost zero chance of getting caught. These crimes are all conducted in probate court and are completely under the radar. Find out how to keep it from happening to you. 

You can find “Probate Pirates” here.