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Book Review: ‘Maximizing Your Injury Claim: Simple Steps to Protect Your Family After an Accident’ by Matthew D. Dubin | Blogcritics

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2015 | Personal Injury |

Book cover final.jpgMy new book, “Maximizing Your Injury Claim: Simple Steps to Protect Your Family After an Accident” isn’t just for people who have been in an accident. It actually has information that can help you be prepared for when the worst does happen. And now it is starting to get noticed by critics.

Here’s an excerpt from our first review:

Being involved in an injury claim is a stressful and upsetting situation, especially if you’ve been seriously hurt. The stress and worry can hinder your physical recovery. Dubin relieves a lot of stress for his readers and clients by helping them to be prepared. He also writes in a very reader-friendly style, leaving out the legalese and explaining everything in plain English. Perhaps what I most appreciated was how he continually included examples to illustrate the information he provided. Every chapter is filled with stories of people who have been in various situations that can arise during a personal injury claim. These stories range from the infamous McDonald’s hot coffee case that most of us think we know but really don’t, to stories of people who have been in multiple accidents so that insurance companies want to claim they have preexisting injuries, to an entire chapter devoted solely to accidents involving children.

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