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What hazards to motorcyclists face on roadways?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Residents of Seattle may have noticed warmer weather returning to the state of Washington. With this warmer weather, greater numbers of motorcyclists are hitting the roadways. These smaller vehicles are not only fun to ride, but they help people save money on maintenance and fuel costs. Despite their many perks, however, motorcyclists should understand the dangers associated with motorcycles. Riders of these small vehicles often fall victim to negligent drivers and other hazards on the road. Motorcycles are not just smaller versions of cars, and therefore, face their own unique dangers.

There are several unique dangers that motorcyclists face. One is the so-called wobble accident. This occurs when the front end of a motorcycle starts to become wobbly because of a misalignment of the back and front end of the bike. This often occurs at high speeds. This can cause motorcyclist to lose control over the bike and crash. In some cases, manufacturer defects may be responsible for this issue.

Another hazard that is often unique to motorcycles is issues with visual recognition. Since motorcycles are so much smaller than cars, they are more likely to be overlooked by other drivers. These vehicles are also more likely to be temporarily obscured by weather and road conditions. If other drivers are not careful, they might crash into motorcycles — especially in intersections — that they do not see or recognize as a vehicle. About 70 percent of motorcycle accidents that involve a motorcycle and another type of motor vehicle occur in intersections.

Hazards in the roadway are also a unique issue for motorcyclists. These include potholes, ruts, oil slicks, railroad tracks and similar obstacles. These things are not a big deal for larger vehicles but cause serious issues for motorcyclists.

While this post should only be used as general information, motorcyclists should be aware of the hazards they face on the open road. Consulting with an attorney might be appropriate following a motorcycle accident.

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