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On Behalf of | May 28, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents |

As spring turns to summer, more motorcyclists will be hitting the open road. Whether they are seeking the thrill and beauty of the ride or an easy and inexpensive form of transportation, motorcyclists deserve to be able to ride safely. They should be able to ride without the fear of a car turning into their path, a distracted driver rear-ending a motorcyclist or any number of devastating motorcycle accidents.

Sadly, this summer Washington is likely to see many serious and fatal motorcycle accidents. Spinal cord injuries, broken bones and road rash can leave a rider devastated. And, these are just the physical injuries. Many people may face serious emotional trauma in the aftermath of a motorcycle crash as well.

In some cases, the negligent driver may be guilty of a crime. Drunk driving and reckless driving, for example, may result in criminal prosecution. However, in many cases there is no criminal justice for the people who cause motorcycle accidents. Victims are left to deal with the situation on their own.

With the help of an experienced attorney, these victims can have a voice. By taking legal action, people can hold negligent drivers responsible for the accident. Our attorneys understand the physical and emotional toll a motorcycle crash causes. We can work with accident victims to help explain their rights following an accident.

Since 1998, our firm has advocated for accident victims. We know the law and how to apply it to the facts in a particular case. This can help people obtain the compensation they need to fully recover from the accident. While we handle the legal case, people are free to recover in peace from the accident.

Please see our motorcycle accidents webpage for more information on seeking justice following a serious accident.