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Recovering from a car accident is tough — but possible

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2015 | Car Accidents |

A car accident is jolting — literally. In a car accident, a person’s body can go through significant trauma. Serious injuries — like a head injury, spinal cord injury or internal trauma — can make it impossible for a person to survive without medical intervention. People may spend weeks, months or years recovering from these injuries. Sometimes, people will spend the rest of their lives struggling with the effects of a car accident.

When the physical trauma is so overwhelming, it can be hard to know how to respond to the accident. People may be so focused on their recovery that they overlook the legal action that can be taken. Instead, they choose to trust and listen to an insurance company. They may even take the first offer of compensation that is offered.

However, as our Seattle, Washington law firm knows, this often puts a car accident victim at a disadvantage. An insurance company is not worried about a person’s physical or financial recovery. Instead, the insurance company is a business worried only about saving money and quickly settling claims. On the other hand, our law firm can be an advocate. We can work with car accident victims and their families to ensure that their financial needs are met so that their physical recovery can be their number one priority.

Following a car accident, seeking medical attention is only one part of the process. Documenting the injuries and damage created by the car accident is also vital. Our law firm can help gather evidence of the car accident and of the person’s injuries. Photos of the accident and of the injuries, for example, are important when dealing with an insurance company or in court.

For years we have worked to help people following serious car accidents. As people recover, our firm works to negotiate and protect their financial interests. Our webpage on Car Accidents can provide more information on how we can help those suffering from injuries following a car accident.