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Two killed in Sammamish car accident

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Cars are so common in our culture that it is easy to forget that they are machines, and just like any other piece of machinery there are risks involved in operating it. Instead, many Washington residents look at cars and think that they are just like any other consumer good. However, they really need to be treated differently. When people step into a car, they need to give the task of driving their full and undivided attention. If people get into a car without this type of attitude, serious car accidents can occur.

In these car crashes, people can be seriously injured or even killed. Again, people tend to minimize the risks of car accidents because of the safety features found in cars. But, often, car accident cause catastrophic damage.

Take, for example, a recent accident. This accident occurred near the intersection of Southeast Redmond-Fall City Road and Southeast Duthie Hill Road in Sammamish. While little is known about the accident, police have said that it occurred between two cars. Not only did the local roads need to be shut down following the accident, but two people were killed as a result of the collision. In addition to these two fatalities, one person also suffered injuries in the accident. However, police say that these injuries were not life threatening.

Police have not released any more information about the accident — including any information about what caused the crash. However, police continue to investigate the incident.

Car accidents frequently lead to serious injuries and fatalities, like these. This is especially true when one or more driver is acting negligently. A driver is negligent when that driver fails to act as a reasonable driver would under the same or similar circumstances. Examples of negligence include drinking and driving, texting and driving, speeding, driving erratically and failing to follow traffic rules. When a driver is negligent that driver can be held legally responsible for the damages in an accident.

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