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We’re here when a serious motorcycle accident affects your family

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents |

In a recent blog post, we explained that motorcyclists have the same right of way rights at intersections as larger cars and trucks. However, as smaller vehicles, motorcycles do not carry the same amount of risk, should something go wrong. In this post, we explained the right-of-way rules that apply to all drivers as set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. When these rules are broken, however, motorcyclists can suffer catastrophic and fatal injuries.

Following these serious motorcycle accidents, victims and their families may not know where to turn. In a serious accident, victims can be so wrapped up in their physical recovery that the legal consequences may not be their first priority. In a fatal accident, families are often busy dealing with their own grief. However, in both these situations, medical bills and other expenses will quickly add up for motorcycle accident victims and their families.

Our law firm understands just how devastating a serious motorcycle accident is on Washington families. We have worked hard on behalf of accident victims and their families for nearly 15 years. We can work tirelessly so that people can get a sense of justice following an accident. With our help, families of fatal accidents can focus on their grief and leave the details of the accident to us.

With great compassion and understanding, we can investigate the circumstances of the accident which may help people get the compensation they need. This compensation can help cover the direct costs related to the accident and any created by a loved one’s absence.

While some families may be tempted to just forget about a serious motorcycle accident once it’s over, they can find themselves facing serious economic challenges following the accident. On our clients’ behalf, we can talk with insurance companies, file court cases and participate in any necessary negotiation. These steps can help people avoid a financial disaster that could add to their emotional pain.

Our serious motorcycle accident webpage has more information about how we can help Washington families.