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Motorcyclist killed in fatal truck accident

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2014 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A truck accident in Washington recently led to the death of one man. The authorities are still trying to determine exactly what happened in the case and who is at fault.

According to reports, a motorcyclist on Interstate 5 near Fife, Washington was hit by a semi-truck and was killed. Witnesses say that neither driver had been driving erratically prior to the accident. However, reports indicate that the motorcyclist may have crossed into the wrong lane.

In order to investigate, authorities closed down several lanes of the interstate for a time. While this caused a nine mile backup and delayed traffic for almost three hours, this investigation was likely very important in determining the cause of the fatal motor vehicle accident. This type of investigation can be critical for families of fatal accident victims as they try to recover from their loss. It can also help to determine if negligence played a role in causing the accident and if one party should be held financially responsible for the damage caused.

In cases where a driver is negligent in causing the death of another, a wrongful death suit may help the victim’s family recover. While a suit cannot take away the emotional pain and physical void caused by the loss of a loved one, it can help to ensure that the family doesn’t suffer unexpected financial losses. This type of suit can help families recover funeral expenses, medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and more. Damages for loss of companionship may also be available.

Therefore, families of fatal accident victims — like the motorcyclist in this case — should make sure to explore their rights following an accident and the subsequent investigation.

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