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Woman killed by garbage truck in Seattle

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2014 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

Cars and trucks have to share the road with pedestrians, especially in a large city like Seattle. People often walk, bike or run to get exercise or even as basic transportation. Sidewalks, crosswalks and other protections have been added to increase pedestrians’ safety, but auto-pedestrian accidents still occur — often when drivers fail to notice pedestrians in and around the street.

Recently, a Seattle pedestrian was killed in a particularly gruesome accident. In this case, a person was hit by a large commercial vehicle near 9th Avenue and James Street. The victim — a woman — was then dragged for half a block, and the vehicle responsible continued to drive. Reports claim that this intersection has been named the deadliest intersection in the entire city for its high rate of pedestrian accidents.

In this case, the woman died on the scene from her injuries. Eventually, it was determined that a local garbage truck driver was responsible for the accident. The garbage truck company says it is cooperating with police to try and determine how the accident occurred. Furthermore, surveillance video of the intersection may also provide clues about this fatal pedestrian accident.

Fatal pedestrian accidents can have a profound effect on a family. A family not only has to deal with the emotional pain of suddenly and tragically losing a loved one, but they have financial consequences as well. Lost wages, funeral expenses, medical costs and pain and suffering can all add up for the victim’s family.

In cases where a driver was not paying attention to the road, was driving under the influence or was breaking traffic laws, the family may be able to seek compensation for the damage they have suffered. Through a personal injury suit, negligent drivers can be held responsible to the victim and that person’s family.

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