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On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2014 | Firm News |

mariners.jpgWhen I moved to Seattle in 1992, the Mariners were perennial losers. I used to go to the Kingdome (with a few thousand other people) to enjoy a game, but nobody really cared about the Mariners, and they were on the verge of leaving Seattle for Tampa or some other destination.

Then, late in the 1995 season something unexpected and a bit magical happened. This scrappy team decided they could win. In fact, the slogan adopted by the team and the community was “Refuse to Lose.” In the last 6 weeks of the season, from out of nowhere, they ended in a tie for the AL West, and ultimately won a 1-game playoff against the Angels.

I had the good fortune to be at that game, and at the following home playoff games against the Yankees and the Indians. Although the Ms didn’t make it to the World Series that year, they showed that with the proper skills and training, and with a ton of heart, even the little guys like the Mariners could beat the giants of the baseball world, the New York Yankees.

The Mariners playoff run that year produced some of my fondest sports memories, and it united the City of Seattle. Strangers would high five each other on the street. It was a gigantic Mariners love-fest, and we felt like anything was possible.

The Mariners current run reminds me of 1995. It’s almost fall and the Ms are playing meaningful baseball. Win or lose, they are showing that they can compete with anyone because they have the right skills, the right training, and they have an overwhelming will to win. Maybe that spirit comes from Coach Lloyd McClendon. Maybe it comes from the acquisition of Robinson Cano. Maybe it’s just one of those intangible things we’ll never fully understand, but we know it’s real. Win or lose, this is the most fun I’ve had witching baseball in many, many years. I’m making sure to take my family – and my staff – to as many games as possible this year because I don’t want them to miss the magic.

I view my job representing injured people against big insurance companies much the same as the Mariners 1995 run. My clients are ordinary people who have never had to deal with injury claims, coverage issues, comparative liability or subrogation. They are in over their heads against gigantic, national insurance companies who, like the New York Yankees, will spend any amount of money and go to any lengths to destroy the opposition.

We view ourselves as the ringers, brought in to help the underdogs in their struggle against the “evil empire.” We may not have as much money or resources as the big insurance companies, but we have the right skills and the right training. We have been fighting for the rights of injured people for a combined 23 years, and we know how to play the game.

But just like the 1995 Mariners, even more important than our skills and training is our heart. We build a strong and lasting relationship with each and every one of our clients. We look out for our clients like they are family members and we have adopted the Mariners “refuse to lose” attitude.

It’s that heart that stands out to our clients, who often say things like “they really cared,” “he definitely had our backs,” and “it was like a family situation.” It is the relationships we build that make our work so rewarding, and that fuel our passion for excellence in everything we do.

So get out and cheer on the Mariners for the rest of the season. Win or lose, they bring a ton of heart and a winning spirit to every game they play. And if you or someone you know needs an attorney, give us a call. We will fight for you with the same “refuse to lose” attitude, and we’ll be glad to have you as not just a client, but as a friend.