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How should you handle insurance companies after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2014 | Car Accidents |


A King County car accident can be a scary occurrence — especially if injuries are involved. People may not know how they should proceed following an accident. Medical bills, property damage and other costs can quickly add up, leaving people in a delicate financial situation. People may believe that they can rely on their insurance company for help, but that might not be the case.

Insurance companies are businesses looking to protect their bottom line, not their customer’s financial needs. Therefore, insurance companies usually want to settle a claim for as little money as possible. This means that insurance companies will even act against the interests of their own clients that have been injured in an accident.

Following an accident, people should contact their insurance companies. Nonetheless, when you do, you need to be careful what you say without being untruthful. Depending on the case, disclosing certain details can make it more difficult to obtain compensation. Furthermore, people should understand that they do not need to allow an insurance company to record their conversation. People should also keep photographs of the accident, receipts of any expenses made as a result of the accident and other records.

Additionally, people should not speak with the other side’s insurance company. People are under no obligation accept an offer by the other side. Their insurance company is also trained to give as little compensation as possible.

While this post cannot give specific legal advice, people should respond quickly following an accident to protect their legal rights, since insurance companies want to settle cases as cheaply as possible. An attorney may be able to provide more insight into your rights following an accident.

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