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Family files suit following deadly bus accident

On Behalf of | May 16, 2014 | Bus Accidents |

A Washington family has filed a lawsuit against a bus company following a serious accident that occurred last year. During the bus accident, an SUV carrying the family was driving on an overpass through a green light when a transit bus ran a red light and smashed into the family’s car.

As a result, two people — the family’s parents — were killed. The driver, the couple’s son, was also hurt in the accident but survived. The family has brought the suit in order to get answers about why the accident occurred and to hold a negligent bus company accountable. According to the family, the bus company was negligent in hiring and supervising its employees. The family says that witnesses saw the bus driver’s foot on the accelerator prior to the collision. Furthermore, the family contents that no mechanical problems with the bus or its breaks was found.

The bus company, on the other hand, says the driver acted reasonably under the emergency circumstances. They also contend that the driver passed alcohol and drug tests following the accident.

The family is asking for compensation for the injuries and losses they have suffered. In a wrongful death suit, negligent bus companies and drivers can be held financially responsible for damage they caused in a bus accident. Families can recover compensation for lost wages, funeral expenses, medical costs and pain and suffering.

Crash victims and their families should not suffer because of the negligence of another. While buses are a necessary part of city living, they are still expected to follow traffic rules, drive carefully and regularly perform necessary maintenance. When bus drivers and companies fall short of these expectations, bus accident victims should make sure they understand their legal rights and take action to hold negligent parties responsible.

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