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Bus company and bus driver face lawsuits in deadly bus crash

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2013 | Bus Accidents |

For various reasons such as fear of flying, anxiety and cost, traveling by air for some people may not be the best option. As an alternative, many routinely travel by bus to destinations near and far. Traveling by bus is a convenient, efficient and fairly safe form of transportation. Nevertheless, there are times when bus accidents happen and result in serious injury and death.

Seattle residents who frequently travel by bus will find it interesting to learn that, according to reports, the bus driver of a first-class motor coach and charter service, and his employer in Texas are facing nearly 13 lawsuits for negligence. The incident occurred sometime in April as the bus was leaving with a group of senior citizens for a casino.

According to the Department of Public Safety’s preliminary report, the bus landed on its side after the bus driver lost control of the bus, went off the road and struck a concrete barrier. The incident resulted in the deaths of three passengers and injured more than 40 others. The investigation by DPS did not find anything mechanically wrong with the bus. Apparently, in 1998, the same bus driver stuck and killed a man.

At least 13 lawsuits were filed against the bus driver and the bus company for negligence. As with all drivers on the road, bus drivers have a duty to obey all traffic laws, exercise caution on the road, and ensure the safety of passengers on board. Who a court may deem liable for injuries or death in a bus accident can get complicated due to the multiple parties involved such as a tour company that hires a bus company to transport passengers to one or several recreational destinations. For this reason, those who find themselves in such a situation may find the counsel of an experienced attorney helpful in understanding their options.

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