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Matthew D. Dubin – Seattle Personal Injury Attorney – YouTube

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2013 | Car Accidents |

As both a consumer and as a provider of services, I find myself increasingly relying on video to gather and deliver information. The video is immediate, personal, and can often convey more information more quickly than text or any other medium.

To that end, I am committed to increasing the amount of information on my website delivered by video. First, and most importantly, is getting to know the lawyer you might hire. This blog entry introduces my video attorney profile. Readers of my blog and subscribers to my Facebook page get a sneak preview before it goes live on the website. I hope this gives you, the viewer, a little more insight into who I am and how I practice law.

The video was shot and edited by me alone, so please excuse the rough production quality. It is my sense that an honest, straight forward message is more meaningful and truthful than some slick, highly produced professional video. If you find this video useful, please like it and share it on Youtube.

Expect more videos from me in the coming weeks and months as I get more comfortable with the video editing process. I truly believe that by employing video more effectively I can more fully educate my clients on the law, and provide better service to the community as a whole.  I hope you agree.