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Washington semi hits bridge, cars topple into Skagit River

On Behalf of | May 29, 2013 | Car Accidents |

When driving on the road or highway, it is easy to forget all of the possible dangers around. The potential hazards on the roadway are many even aside from the other cars and trucks. When going over a bridge most never even think of the peril that could befall. A car accident on a bridge is a horrific occurrence that can sometimes happen.

Thursday May 23rd was a terrifying day for some motorists on a bridge in Washington. On Interstate 5 over the Skagit River a bridge suddenly collapsed. A semi hit the upper part of the bridge with its towering contents. After it drove over the bridge, part of the bridge collapsed into the river carrying with it both lanes of traffic. Two cars carrying three people were on the bridge and toppled almost 30 feet into the freezing river. All of the cars inhabitants were rescued, though there were injuries reported including a dislocated shoulder. A woman also required assistance to get out of the river. Some of the victims were sent to the hospital.

When one pursues a personal injury lawsuit, the identification of the negligent driver and possibly their employer are important. Another potential negligent party could also be whoever was in charge of maintaining the safety of the bridge; be it the city or state which could lead to a separate trial. To establish a personal injury claim, wrongdoing on behalf of the semi would need to be proven in court. One area examined is whether the semi driver used enough caution or care when he was driving across the bridge. The semi driver would also owe that same amount of caution to the other vehicles on the road with him. It would also need to be proven that the semi driver did not use the proper amount of caution or care in his driving and the injuries of the other vehicles were due to that lack of care.

An accident on a bridge is frightening. Dropping off into the water and attempting to find a way out of the sinking car can be very traumatic events. Having an expert who knows how to identify the negligent parties involved and get results can help ease the pain and suffering from the experience.

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