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Teen on skateboard collides with dump truck outside Seattle

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2012 | Car Accidents |

A teenager on a skateboard was injured yesterday afternoon when he collided with a dump truck in Monroe, Washington, according to news reports.

The high school senior was reportedly skateboarding down a steep driveway when he lost control. He then rolled into the road where he crashed into the front of a dump truck, according to a news report. For more information on child injuries, contact the Law Offices of Matthew D. Dubin

According to the report, the dump truck reportedly did not stop moving until it dragged the boy for about 40 feet. The skateboarder suffered injuries to his hip and leg, and he was conscious after the accident. The report did not include any further information about the severity of his injuries.

He was transported to a hospital in Seattle while police closed down the road to investigate the accident scene.

It was not clear from the news report why the truck was not able to stop right away, and whether the boy had been skateboarding in a designated skateboarding area. It is also unclear whether he crashed into the dump truck, or the dump truck crashed into him.

These are among many elements that may need to be examined to learn whether negligence on the part of any other party contributed to this young man’s injuries.

Washington is a state that utilizes comparative negligence laws when awarding personal injury damages. This means that if the plaintiff’s own actions contributed to his or her injury, the damages are diminished proportionately. For example, if it was determined that this teenager is 10 percent responsible for this accident, he would be eligible to receive 90 percent of a damages award.

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