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As winter approaches, the passes get dangerous

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2011 | Car Accidents |

The Seattle PI reports that two people were killed this morning in a multi-vehicle crash on I-90 near Snoqualmie Pass. The collision involved three semi trucks and two other cars.

As fall turns to winter, we can expect to read articles like this more often.  While this incident appears to have resulted from construction, winter conditions will make the passes much more dangerous.  If you must drive over the passes during the winter, use chains as recommended and BE CAREFUL.  Don’t rely on your 4-wheel drive or your snow tires.  Truck accidents and car accidents can result in serious injuries.

Sometimes, even when you are careful you can’t avoid a collision caused by someone else’s carelessness.  When that happens, there are steps you should immediately take.

1. Call the police.  You may not want to wait around – especially if it’s cold outside, but there is no better documentation of how a collision took place than a police report.

2. See a doctor.  You might not think you are hurt, but you really have no way of knowing.  You may have suffered internal injuries, which could manifest later.  Be safe and get checked out by a doctor.

3. Call your insurance company.  You want to report the incident as soon as possible, but be wary about giving a recorded statement until you have spoken to an attorney.  Remember, any insurance company – even your own – becomes your adversary when you are making a claim for money.

4. Speak to an attorney.  Maybe you don’t need an attorney. Maybe you can take care of your claim on your own. But it doesn’t cost anything to consult with a reputable personal injury attorney.  A lawyer can tell you if you have a claim worth pursuing and give you an idea of what would be involved in moving your claim forward.

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