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How Washington drivers can reduce sun glare

Roads are safer when drivers take steps to reduce and address sun glares on their windshield, and a few measures can certainly go a long way.

Summer is here, which means the sun shines longer as you drive the Washington roads and highways. While you might enjoy longer days, you have to recognize the fact that having so much abundant sunshine can be a safety hazard while you are behind the wheel. To keep from being involved in an avoidable incident, drivers should learn how to deal with glaring sunlight streaming through the windshield and windows.

Wear sunglasses

One of the easiest ways to protect your eyes while behind the wheel and increase your overall comfort level is to wear polarized sunglasses. While shopping for the right shades, be sure they are actually polarized, are comfortable to wear and are of high quality so you do not have to worry about them falling apart or buying pair after pair due to breakage.

Tint your windows

Tinting your windows is another measure you can take to reduce glaring sunlight while driving. If you do not like the idea of tinting your entire windshield or windows, you can just tint the first six or nine inches of your windshield, which is sure to make a vast improvement in your overall visibility and comfort.

Leave more room between you and other vehicles

Even with sunglasses and tinted windows, it is good to take additional measures to protect yourself and other motorists. Leave more room between you and other cars while driving in case you have to quickly brake to avoid a collision. You also have to bear in mind that not everyone else on the road takes the same preventative measures when it comes to driving in the sun, which means you might have to account for sudden braking or other driving maneuvers to avoid an accident.

Wash your windshield

A lot of dust and debris can collect on your windshield, even if you do not drive much. Be sure to take out time to hose off your windshield and give it a good wipe down. While windshield wiper fluid will certainly do in a pinch, there is a chance the drops of fluid left clinging to the surface will reflect the sunlight, which defeats the purpose. Once the glass is clean, you can apply a coating of vinegar to the surface to keep residue from building up in the future.

Because not all drivers are as diligent as you when it comes to safe summertime driving in Washington, there is a chance you might be involved in an accident caused by glares. If you are, do yourself a favor and work with an attorney to explore your legal options.