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Drag-racing accident makes danger apparent


The dangers of drag racing are shown in a tragic accident that happened this year. Are state laws tough enough?

For those in Washington who like to go fast and feel a thrill while behind the wheel, there are designated places for speed-runs and drag racing, where things are set up in a way that is deemed safe. However, for some, the option of that thrill is not enough, and they choose to take their need for speed to the byways of public traffic, and often with unforeseen and devastating consequences. A recent news story demonstrates just how brutal the result of such negligent and dangerous behavior can be.

A race gone wrong

For several hours the 2700 Block of Oakdale Southwest had to be closed after two separate accidents that were purportedly caused by drag racing required rescue workers to be called. From one of the flaming vehicles, a person had to be rescued using the jaws of life.

While in the above incident, people were hurt, thankfully, nobody ended up with fatal injuries. This accident involved a group of vehicles. When two drivers had finished racing, apparently a car crossed into their paths, causing the accident.

Are the laws effective?

The actions of one foolish person were enough to permanently alter the lives of three other people. While that incident alone was catastrophic enough, the real surprise to local law enforcement was the fact that two drag-racing accidents happened on the same highway, on the same night.

Could it be that the penalties for illegal drag racing are not high enough? The state law in Washington only outline light punishments for reckless driving. It could be that the state is in need of some specific legislature that addresses the dangerous act of illegal drag racing. The possible penalties for driving under the influence, another activity which recklessly endangers the lives of countless people, are much more severe. If illegal drag racing can be just as dangerous, why is it not considered just as serious a crime?

Anybody in Washington who has been hurt or whose life has been negatively impacted by an automobile accident may be able to obtain financial compensation. To find out how to proceed, he or she may benefit from talking to an attorney in the local area who is experienced at representing the victims of motor vehicle accidents.