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Below are links to some articles I find interesting. Many of them are specifically relevant to the claims of injured plaintiffs. Others reflect on the justice system as a whole. I hope you find them interesting and informative.

Please check back often as I frequently update this page with articles I find that may be of interest to injured people.

Open windows are dangerous fall hazards for young children

Falls are the leading cause of injury for young children. This article discusses common dangers and the potential for legal remedies.

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4 steps to take after a winter car accident

Winter car accidents can pose unique challenges. This article discusses these challenges and gives victims tips to hold the responsible party accountable for the crash.

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What happens when a medication error leads to serious injury?

Medication errors are not uncommon, but in some cases they can result in serious injury. This article discusses when legal remedies may be available.

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Automated vehicles and car accidents: How does liability work?

This article discusses three ways drivers may determine liability after a crash with an automated or partially automated vehicle.

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After a Washington semi-truck accident, comprehensive investigation is key

The injured victim of a collision with a large commercial truck will benefit greatly from an early, wide-ranging investigation of the crash involving legal and technical experts.

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New study finds connection between cost of car and failure to yield

Does a car’s value impact the likelihood the driver will stop for pedestrians?

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Legal issues in a Seattle-area bus accident

Crashes involving buses can cause not only catastrophic injury, but also require meticulous investigation as well as understanding of complex legal issues.

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NHTSA reports increase in pedestrian, biker fatalities in 2018

The numbers of bicyclists, walkers and runners hit by cars are going the wrong direction, according to federal data.

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3 things car accident victims should know about the cost of a TBI

A car accident can result in very serious injuries. Broken bones, stitches and whiplash are all familiar injuries that we are accustomed to dealing with, but we are still learning about the full extent of damage that comes with a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

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Whiplash is no joke: Compensation for whiplash injury after an accident

Whiplash injuries have been the target of jokes that imply that when someone complains of whiplash symptoms, they are exaggerating to get attention or money. Do not let this unfortunate misperception minimize your whiplash after a motor vehicle accident. Whiplash needs to be taken seriously, medically assessed and treated, and comprehensively considered when assessing the financial and personal impact of a whiplash injury.

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TWC lawsuit provides important lesson in car accident liability

The person responsible for the accident may be surprising.

The Weather Channel (TWC) is known for keeping the public informed about dangerous weather patterns. In some shows, the network will employ experts to track down and follow storms. A recent lawsuit claims one of these shows was too dangerous and that TWC encouraged reckless driving patterns that contributed to fatal car accident.

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The danger of using a cell phone behind the wheel in Washington state

Mobile phones have transformed our lives in many ways, but not in a good way when it comes to driving. The Washington Traffic Safety Commission calls using a phone behind the wheel the most dangerous of all types of distracted driving.

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How Washington drivers can reduce sun glare

Roads are safer when drivers take steps to reduce and address sun glares on their windshield, and a few measures can certainly go a long way.

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How does liability work in electric scooter accidents?

Electric scooters are growing in popularity in big cities like Seattle. What happens if a user is injured? Who is liable?

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What dangers do pedestrians in WA face?

Pedestrians face numerous dangers when walking near traffic, including congested urban streets and high-speed rural roads.

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NHTSA: Seat belts now recommended in school buses

Washington State is one of many that do not require school bus seat belts. The NHTSA has recently recommended seat belts in all school buses.

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A look at risk factors in truck accidents

The government is reviewing safety impact of fatigue, speeding and substance use among commercial drivers.

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Dangers faced by bikers in Washington and across the country

Summer may be coming to a close, but fall is still a popular time of year for motorcyclists across the nation. The mild weather and beautiful scenery in Washington State give many bikers a reason to get out and enjoy the open road. Unfortunately, motorcyclists face numerous dangers, especially when sharing the road with other vehicles.

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The basics of Washington dog bite law

You – or worse yet, your child – have been bitten by a dog. In the midst of the pain, you also have to deal with myriad medical treatments, worry about having contracted a disease like rabies, the mounting expenses, the fear about a future attack, the scarring and operations. You are hurting, anxious and concerned about paying the medical bills that are quickly piling up. What do you do?

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New proposal seeks nationwide ban on cell phones behind the wheel

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has recently made a recommendation seeking sweeping changes to the nation’s laws on distracted driving. Their proposal is an extremely ambitious one, actually seeking to prevent ALL non-emergency use of mobile electronic devices – even hands-free ones – by those behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

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My six months in an electric car

On October 20, 2012, I became the proud owner of a silver 2013 Ford Focus EV. In case you don’t recognize the name, that’s an all electric car – no gas tank, no oil, no internal combustion engine. Before bringing it home I had a level 2 240 volt charger installed at my house. Since that day, I’ve been to a gas station once, while driving my wife’s car.

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That’s who we are

At least once a month we get a call from somebody who was injured in an accident, hired a lawyer and now wants to fire that lawyer and hire us. The most common reason these people give for wanting to fire their lawyer is LACK OF COMMUNICATION.  These situations are always sensitive. First, we’re not really interested in stealing clients from other attorneys. Second, changing your lawyer mid-stream can have some adverse effects on a claim. We usually encourage the client to try to work things out with their existing lawyer, but if the relationship has already been irreparably harmed and the claim is sound, we will take on their case.

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Washington aims to eliminate fatal traffic accidents on the state’s roads

The Washington State Patrol and the Washington Traffic Safety Commission has joined with municipal law enforcement agencies to implement a program known as “Target Zero.” “Target Zero” (TZ) is a public safety-based education and awareness program with the stated goal of reducing the state’s annual traffic fatality rate to zero by the year 2030.

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Seattle adopts Vision Zero plan to eliminate traffic deaths

Seattle recently launched its Vision Zero plan with the goal of reducing the number of traffic fatalities in the city to zero by 2030. Seattle joins a growing list of American and global cities that have adopted the plan in recent years and seen a significant decrease in fatal accidents, especially those involving pedestrians and cyclists.

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Injuries to Children

Considerations when a child is injured in a motor vehicle accident

Car accidents are especially dangerous for vulnerable children.

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Three FAQS about swimming pool accidents

Swimming accidents can result in serious injury. Depending on the details, the owner, manufacturer or installer may be liable.

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Bicycle safety for adults and children

The state of Washington is interested in promoting safe bicycling and offers many resources for bicyclists. It is especially important for children to learn safe bicycling habits, as they are especially likely to get into bicycle accidents.

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Child Safety Hazards Lurking Around the House

The tragic, high-profile story of a Utah toddler who died after falling into a top-loading washing machine has shined a spotlight on the issue of child safety in the home. The boy’s mother left him for just a few minutes, but that was enough time for him to climb up onto the washer, fall in, and drown.

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Catastrophic Injury

Busy people + cold temps + ice = a recipe for traumatic brain injuries

Winter is in full swing in Washington. The state’s lush green forests and bustling commuter areas are alight with the twinkle of ice and snow. Ice is lovely to look at, but a nightmare to walk on; that is why in some areas the numbers of traumatic brain injuries spike in the winter months. There are ways to lessen your chances of being hurt, though, if you know what steps to take to protect yourself.

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Car Accidents

Three common back injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents

Car crashes can lead to serious injuries, including back problems. These can range from mild to severe. This article discuses three of the more common injuries and the potential for legal remedies to help cover the expenses that can result.

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Vehicle back-up accidents in Washington State

As simple as it seems every time we back up our vehicles, pulling out of a parking spot or driveway requires care and attention to keep people safe. Failure to exercise reasonable care can result in driver liability for resulting accidents and injuries.

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Car accident injuries: Severity not always immediately apparent

Car accidents are traumatic events. It is not uncommon for those involved to experience some level of shock. This can make it difficult for victims to assess their injuries. In serious accidents, even with shock injuries may be clearly apparent. However, it is not uncommon for serious injuries to emerge hours, days or even months after the accident.

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Using sleep medications increases the crash risk for drivers, study says

For any number of reasons, people in Washington and elsewhere commonly have trouble sleeping. In an effort to help them get the rest they need, people may be prescribed sleep medications. While using such drugs may improve their sleep, one study found that using sleeping pills may raise drivers’ crash risk.

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Drowsy drivers in Washington put themselves, others at risk

Motor vehicle accidents resulting in serious injuries and death are all too common in Washington, and throughout the U.S. There are a number of factors, which may contribute to such crashes, including alcohol intoxication and distractions. Often overlooked, however, is the danger posed by drowsy drivers.

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Summer Road Trips Often End in Tragic Accidents

Summer road trips can be fun for the whole family. They are full of sun, fun and memories. Unfortunately, though, summer road trips can also end in tragedy. In fact, eight of the ten deadliest days on the road all take place between Independence Day and Labor Day. Furthermore, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is tragically known as the “100 deadliest days on the road for teens,” and data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that August is the deadliest month for all drivers. That is saying a lot considering that a whopping 40,000 people are killed in traffic accidents annually.

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Heightened motor vehicle accident risks for teenage drivers

New devices track teenage driving behavior and offer teachable moments. Reports generated on speed and other risky behavior may also provide answers when the cause of an accident is unclear.

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Drunk driving dangers in Seattle

A quick scan of headlines at KIROTV.com highlights the stark realities of drunk driving in Washington. Two recent stories recount horrible accidents, each that led to the wrongful death of innocent victims at the hands of drunk drivers.

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How Washington drivers can reduce sun glare

Summer is here, which means the sun shines longer as you drive the Washington roads and highways. While you might enjoy longer days, you have to recognize the fact that having so much abundant sunshine can be a safety hazard while you are behind the wheel. To keep from being involved in an avoidable incident, drivers should learn how to deal with glaring sunlight streaming through the windshield and windows.

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Types of damages in car accident injury cases

Read an overview of damages recoverable in a Washington motor vehicle accident: economic and noneconomic. Economic damages are financially measurable like medical bills, while noneconomic damages do not have a set cost such as pain and suffering.

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Bare-bones health plan left family swimming in debts

When her youngest son, Cole, awoke one night last month writhing in pain, Theresa Devers pleaded with him to hang on until morning so they wouldn’t have to go to an emergency room. Then, when they got to a Tacoma hospital and found out that the 11-year-old’s appendix had ruptured and he urgently needed to be transferred to Seattle, Devers asked if she could drive her son there instead of having him taken in an ambulance. Anxious actions of a mother without health insurance?


Light sentence in crosswalk death sends wrong message, some say

Many Seattle residents said they were outraged this week when a municipal court judge on Thursday ordered fines, no driving, and community service for a driver found guilty of hitting and killing a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Ephraim Schwartz will serve no jail time, and if he avoids driving and completes the community service, the conviction will be wiped off his record in two years.

Wrongful Death

Grieving mother helpless to seek justice in daughter’s murder

A grieving mother says she owes it to her murdered daughter and son-in-law to change the state law. Beverly and Brian Mauck were killed by a man who had just been released from a Massachusetts prison. Daniel Tavares had been let out after serving time for killing his mother. The Maucks’ family believes Tavares should have been held in prison longer for attacking prison guards and making threats against then-Gov. Mitt Romney.

Civil Rights

Gay couples win new rights in bill

Gay and lesbian couples were brought one step closer to same-sex marriage Tuesday when the Legislature voted to extend 170 new rights to them, adding to groundwork begun last year with the passage of domestic partnership rights. The Senate passed House Bill 3104, proposed by Rep. Jamie Pedersen, D-Seattle, by 29-20 along a mostly party-line vote.


Employment Law

Woman files lawsuit after being fired for her military service

Kelly Hansen of Kirkland has served for many years as a National Guard chaplain. But now she says it has cost her job as a chaplain at Children’s Hospital in Seattle. She was required to drill for a weekend and take time off work. “The first day she came back to work after her drill weekend she was called into her supervisor’s office and terminated,” said James Beck, her lawyer.