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Matthew Dubin: We have experience with all kinds of personal injury cases.

Our most typical client has been injured in an auto accident, but we represent people who have been injured in all kinds of accidents that result from the carelessness or negligence of another person. I’ve been in my own practice since 1998, practicing exclusively personal injury law. At the conclusion of my client’s case, hopefully they’ve got some sense of closure. In many cases, they do make a full recovery from their injuries and are able to move on with their lives. In the cases where they do have residual injuries, hopefully the money that we recover for them will allow them to continue getting medical treatment and improve their quality of life. Because I’ve been injured myself in an auto accident, I have a lot of empathy and compassion for my injured clients. At the same time, when the insurance industry treats them unfairly, I’m ready to be as aggressive as I need to be to get them the best possible result. My job is to listen to my clients, find out what they wanna get out of the process and provide them with the information and tools necessary to get the best outcome for them.