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What compelled you to write Maximizing Your Injury Claim

Welcome to CNN my name is Larry King we are in on location in Seattle Washington tonight and my guest is international best-selling author attorney all-around great person mr. Matt Dubin we're thrilled to have you on we're gonna slip in between Kim Kardashian and who else and Donald Trump so here we go question number one what compelled you to write this book what was it about this book we're on a live TV recording here Shh what compelled you to write this book maximizing your injury claim well Patrick oh sorry well Larry so as I said as I said it was really frustrating to me that I could only educate the people who came to me who came to my office to talk to me and so the idea was to get the information about what your rights are to the public at large it's just basic information I feel everyone should know frankly I think this book should be required reading in high school or for anyone who gets a driver's license and that's why I wrote the book is to get this information out.